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COBOL Programming: Hi I have 2 variables WS-count is declared as a S9(04) Comp-3 and the value in WS-DUPLICATE is 07% The table has the.

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Is there any reason that sql doesnt support a distinct on 2 columns.i mean in the rdbms concept is it wrong.

In Oracle, LENGTH function returns the length of a string in characters as defined by the input character set.

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SQL Magic Trick: Getting Row Count Without Fetching All Rows.Experts, I have a rather large select statement in DB2 9.1 (Not a procedure).

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DB2 SQL Server and Sharepoint Older Versions of SQL (v6.5, v6.0, v4.2).

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I have DB2 table with following content TYPE VALUE ID DOCID 3110 1 SOURCE 1 1 DOCID 3210 2 SOURCE 3 2.Hi: I am trying to use following SQL in DB2: Select ISBN FROM STOCK GROUP BY ISBN HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 I do not get any eroor but I do not get any result. If I...

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Experts, I would like to use a Stored Procedure in SQL to return either the Row or Column count of a table.


DB2: Hi, I have written a query to get count of distinct values on 3 columns, but the blank value also considered and included in.Hello, I would like your help to write a sql statement which will run on MS SQL, Oracle, and DB2 type databases.In this article APPLIES TO: SQL Server (starting with 2012) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data.

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Hi there I am fairly new to SQL Server TSQL and I have a strong MS Access background.

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Db2 SQL Tutorial 1 - Intro to Db2 Caleb Curry. Loading. Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign in. 3. Loading. Db2 SQL Tutorial 2.SQL COUNT function: SQL COUNT function returns the number of rows in a table satisfying the criteria specified in the WHERE clause.

This chapter shows how to create a set of SQL standards and guidelines for developers to follow when running applications that involve DB2.

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Login Join Now. SQL In: SQL Like: SQL Is Null: SQL Group By: SQL Having: SQL Alias: SQL Join:.How to use date functions on DB2. dayname, dayofwwek, month, monthname.